stock exchange

Significant Role of Stock Exchange

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A stock market or a share market is an opportunity where the traders and investors can buy or sell the shares of different companies. The stock of all important companies is listed on the stock exchange. It is for the benefit of the companies to get listed on the stock exchange and all the major […]

exchange traded funds

Exchange Traded Funds and the Advantages of It

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Exchange Traded Funds are generally Index Funds that are traded on exchanges, like stocks. It will not be wrong to say that with the invention of ETFs, the investment opportunities have increased both for retail and institutional money managers. Exchange Traded Funds essentially allow the investors to be exposed to stock markets in different countries, […]

stock trading tips

Top Three Indicators That Every Trader Must Know

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Different people use different techniques to trade in the Indian Stock Market. While some follow the technical analysis, the others use techniques like pattern analysis, candle stick analysis and so on. The technical analysis is a wide field with a lot of time and efforts required to master it. The important indicators involved in technical […]